Sometimes the documentation and other resources available online just don't cut it and people need something a little more hands on or 1-on-1.
We will work with you on your project or one of ours, and through pair programming help you grow both your skills and your confidence.
Over multiple sessions I have learned a ton. I learned the importance of testing via TDD as well as cleaning your code up using some of Laravel's features, such as Collections. I had a lot of fun in these sessions and learned a lot. I fully recommend this.
Julien G.

Harry H.
This was one of the best tech/learning decisions I've made. Previously a WordPress theme and plugin developer, I was hired as a Software Engineer at a new company with 6 months of light mentorship here and there. Laratutor helped fast track me by helping me understand the deeper concepts and the best ways to go about solving problems.

I’ve learned a lot of things about Laravel while working with Laratutor; eager loading vs lazy loading to fix some crazy N+1 problems, really getting the most out of Laravel’s Collection library, and some of the more nuanced details about testing. However, the biggest takeaway for me is how much more confident I am in my design decisions. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what makes sense and what doesn’t, where to put things, and how to name them. You’re not just going to learn how to mindlessly build another CRUD app, but instead how to think like a software engineer.
Glenn K.

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